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Local Driving Instructors, Driving Lessons – servicing in St George Area.

Suburbs in City of Hurstvill, City of Kogarah, City of Rockdale and City of Canterbury

Sydney City
Sydney CBD
Sydney Eastern Suburb
Bexley North

East Hills
Five Dock
Hurstville South
Macquarie Park
Padstow Heights

Surry Hills
Little Bay
Phillip Bay
Picnic Point
Wolli Creek

Feed Back from Our Learners

  • Firstly thanks for my instructer and gud human being Mark , without him I couldn't not imagine I got my license in first attempt. He gave me lot of support and encouragement to learn from my mistakes. He has lot of patience never angry while I drove and done any mistakes he always handle smartly. I recommend to all guy who is looking friendly instructer I think Mark is best choice. Don't be late go and get ur best instructor I assure you we will enjoy.
  • The first thing I'd like to share is my driving coach in the school is really nice and helpful.He instructs basic driving skills with great patient. Kerb-side parking, reverse parking, and 3-ponit turn are required to practice in every driving lesson under my coach's direction. Besides, he always explains the importance of scaning mirrors and being alert to pedestrains, which provides me with good driving habits. Moreover, from Asia driving school, I learned critical drving skills, such as responding to emergency, forcasting dangerious situations as well as dealing with heavy traffic condition. I believe all the skills I learned from here not only contributes to my driving test, but also will helps me to become a competent driver. Therefore, from my perspective, all the time and money I spent here for my driving lessons will definitely have returns in the future.
  • Asia Driving School has great instructors. They teach everything required for driving test as well as for real life driving. They are familiar with test routes which makes the test much easier. I highly recommend this school.
    Nathan Zhai
  • It's a very good experience learning from the patient and really skilled instructor from Asia driving school. They corrected a lot of my driving mistakes and showed me most of the test routes, which makes it so easy to pass the test. I would recommend this school to all my friends who may need it. Super!
  • Mark is my second driving instructor so I have some one to compare to, he is definitely better, very straight forward lessons with instructions and tips to pass the test and be a safe driver, my previous instructor spend 15 minutes just telling me how to adjust the mirrors, total waste of time.
    Zhangster Wil
  • I am glad to have Mark as my driving instructor. He is very patient. He gave me encouragement and let me feel confident while driving. He always wrote down the mistakes I made during lessons and gave to me as class notes. Once I received no notes from him, that is the time for test. I got my license, which I dreamed for 5 years, after I took Mark's lessons for 16 hours. Thanks Mark!
  • I passed the test after 17 hours' training from mark and sandy. They are all great and patient. Highly recommend!
    Xi Lin
  • First thanks Mark for the patient and detailed oriented lessons to me. Mark was my 2nd instructor that his approach was obviously more practical and thoughtful. Strong recommendation
    Jessica Li

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Choosing a good local driving school can be a difficult task and hard decision.

Look no further…….Hurstville Asia Driving School is your first and best choice in selecting a reputable driving school in Sydney.

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